13-14 May 2017


18-19 March 2017


Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma)
5 February 2017


19-20 November 2016


Pisa - National Research Council
25 October 2016


10-11 September 2016


Reggio Emilia
16-17 April 2016


7 February 2016


17-18 October 2015


Busto Arsizio (VA)
23-24 May 2015


18 - 19 April 2015


8 February 2015


The School of Spirituality saw a crowd of devotees gathered to celebrate with Pier Franco Marcenaro the Birthday of Sant Kirpal Singh,
former President of the "World Fellowship of Religions", now widely considered one of the greatest Masters of spirituality and life of all times
(Parma, February 2015).


18 - 19 October 2014

University of Genua, Main Hall, October 2014

The many spiritual researchers fill the Main Hall of the University of Genua
(Genua, 18 - 19 October 2014).


Lugano (Switzerland)
10 May 2014


Lido di Camaiore (Italy)
9 February 2014

Piacenza (Italy)
21-22 September 2013

Pier Franco Marcenaro's visit to Moldova and Russia
28 May - 26 June 2013

Pier Franco Marcenaro, Russia


Chisinau (Moldova)
June 1, 2013

June 8, 2013

Dubna (Moscow Region)
June 15, 2013

St. Petersburg
June 22, 2013

The many spiritual researchers gathered into the imposing “Hall of Organo”of Kishinev, Moldova.

Pier Franco Marcenaro addressing the many interested people gathered into the large Hall of the FALK Culture Building in Moscow.

"Me & Lenin": in Dubna, by the pharaonic statue of Lenin, at the beginning of the large Volga-Moscow ship canal, a grand work decided by Stalin.

Initiation to Meditation in Dubna (Russia), the “City of Science”.
Master instructing 56 new disciples: 24 of them saw the Radiant Form of the Master and 3 heard the Sound of the Fifth Plane (Paradise Superior).

The Master during the Conference in Saint Petersburg at Conference Center of the Hotel of the Baltic Countries.

The harvest of the trip, which lasted one month, was notable, with 316 new souls initiated into the Divine Path that leads back to the House of the Father. 77 of them contemplated at their first meditation sitting the Form of the Master and 13 listened the Sound similar to that of the bagpipes, coming from the Fifth Plane, the Superior Paradise, the Sach Khand (the Kingdom of Truth) according to Guru Nanak, called the True House of the Father by Christ.
But the importance of the trip lies also in the fact that the Master brought to the places visited and to the disciples coming from other cities and nations a wave of devotion and Spirituality that will continue to develop in time, giving other ample fruits.

Those who accompanied Master Pier Franco Marcenaro on his trip: his wife Anna Rita Federigi, who in particular took care of that which concerned his wardrobe and the luggage necessary for the long trip, the stay in the various cities and the public Conferences; Giuseppina Sandei, from the Parma Man Center, who took care overall of the Master’s meals and of his escorts, using the resources offered by the places visited and also from Italy; and Tatiana Savelcova from the Reggio Emilia Center, who was the interpreter during the trip, in the Conferences, for the instructions for Initiation into the Path of the Spirit and also in all of the plentiful personal counselling that almost every evening, sometimes until late at night, the Master conceded to those who needed to clear up aspects of the Divine Path, resolve problems related to their spiritual and social life or simply receive the comfort and the merciful radiations of his glances of grace. These were indispensable duties that all three carried out with great devotion and care, also patiently withstanding the discomforts and inconveniences that are always present on such occasions, contributing in this way to the full success of the trip.

When the Master visits a certain place, all those who have the fortune of being there present must try to gain the maximum benefit from the loving radiation of his physical presence.

As long as you have with you the Light, believe in the Light, to be Children of the Light.” (Christ)


18-19 May 2013


Venezia (Italy)
14 April 2013

Venice, Conference

A crowd of interested spiritual researchers fills the Main Hall of the University of Venice during Pier Franco Marcenaro's Conference
(Venice, 14 April 2013).


Parma (Italy)
10 February 2013


Ferrara (Italy)
20-21 October 2012


Brescia (Italy)
21-22 April 2012


Alessandria (Italy)
24-25 September 2011


Modena (Italy)
12-13 March 2011


La Spezia (Italy)
17 October 2010


Treviso (Italy)
18-19 September 2010


Bergamo (Italy)
17-18 April 2010



Pier Franco Marcenaro held the following two conferences:

17 October 2009

24 October 2009

The great attendance and response to the conferences meant that follow-up courses were organized by the local Center to deepen the subject.


Turin (Italy)
20 September 2009


Vicenza (Italy)
28-29 March 2009

Under the Patronage of the city Hall and the Province of Vicenza, Pier Franco Macenaro held, with grest success, two Conferences on the subject "The experience of the spirit in our time". After the Conferences a good number of people started attending the follow-up course organized to deepen the subject.


Vercelli (Italy)
27-28 September 2008

On 27 and 28 September Pier Franco Marcenaro successfully held two Conferences on the experience of the spirit in our time and on the teachings of the various traditions.


Parma & Reggio Emilia (Italy)
April - May 2008

Pier Franco Marcenaro held two Conferences at Parma and Reggio Emilia organized by the local Seats of Man Center. The events were held on 20 April at Parma and on 18 May at Reggio Emilia and they had the topic of spiritual research and how to make one's life happier and more harmonious. The events had such good results that a good number of people applied to the courses which were inmediately set up


Rovigo (Italy)
September 2007

Under the Patronage of the Council and the Province, Pier Franco Marcenaro held two Conferences in Rovigo in September 2007 with great public attendance.


Visit to the East European Countries
May - June 2007

In May and June 2007 Pier Franco Marcenaro visited Moldavia and Russia where with the grace of God he was very successful.

In the afternoon of 16 May, he arrived from Florence by plane at Kishinev, the capital of Moldavia, where he had already visited with profit in 2001. A hundred celebrating people, together with the Representative of Moldavia, Ion Fabian, and his collaborators were waiting for him at the airport. Pier Franco Marcenaro gave a brief speech of greeting to all of them at the airport, before proceeding to his hotel. On Saturday, May 19, he then spoke to a vast attentive audience in the prestigious "Hall of the Organ". From his arrival at Kishinev, every night he held Meetings with talks at the House of Culture, with the participation of large groups of people. He also met three people from Brasov, a city in Romania, where a new Center has now been formed.

In the evening of May 23, he left Kishinev for Moscow. A large group of people accompanied him to the airport to say an emotional good bye. At Moscow, where he was visiting the Man Center for the first time, he was received by people from various other cities in Russia and he was taken as a guest, together with his group by Group Leader of the city. On Saturday 27 May, he spoke in the "Semionovski Hall" of the Russian capital. During the following days he then conducted meetings and gave talks to the numerous people.

On May 30, accompanied to the airport by many people, he left by plane for St. Petersburg, the ancient winter residence of the Czars situated on the Baltic Sea, where he was received by Dora Hoagland, his Representative for Russia, and by her collaborator, Galina Koroleva. Also many people from Dubna, Murmansk, Soci, Ucta, Voronesh and other cities of Russia were present. In the afternoon, on Saturday, June 3, he spoke in the hall of the Hotel of the Baltic Countries. Every evening he held Meetings, talks and interviews. In the afternoon, on 6 June 2007, he was accompanied by a group of loving, emotional people to the airport, where he left for Florence.

Thus ended this fruitful visit of three weeks in the Eastern Countries. Overall, the presence of the Master left an indelible trace of love in the people who received his words.


Sesto S. Giovanni (Italy)
April 2007

Under the care of the Milan Man Center and with the collaboration of the Monza Center two Conferences were held on the 21 and 22 April 2007, by Pier Franco Marcenaro in Sesto S. Giovanni (Milan). After the Conferences a free Course began for the many interested who wished to deepen the subjects treated during the Conferences.


Visit to Colombia (South America)
February, 2007

A fruitful gathering
Pier Franco Marcenaro's visit to Colombia, which took place in the month of February 2007, gave results beyond all expectations, with the grace of the Lord. In fact, altogether 207 people were placed on the Path of Spirituality.

He arrived on 31 January at Bogotá, where he held the first Conference in the afternoon of Saturday 3 February in the vast modern auditorium of the city's Chamber of Commerce. The participation of the public was so numerous that the maximum capacity of 450 people of the hall was reached, and about 100 people could not attend the Conference. So he decided to schedule a second Conference for them on Saturday 24 February. Several Meetings with talks and meditation were also held at his Residence.

On 7 February Pier Franco Marcenaro left by air for Santa Marta, where a Conference was held in the afternoon on Saturday the 10th in the "San Juan" Cultural Center of the University of Magdalena. Such a large number of people came that the hall was completely full again and another time more than 100 people had to be stopped at the door of the building, leaving their contact information so they could be notified about the succeeding activities of Man Center. Also this time he scheduled a second Conference, which was held in the same place Saturday 17 February. Several Meetings with talks and meditation were held during his stay, with a large attendance.

On 21 February the Master left by plane for Bogotá, where he held a second Conference as established on Saturday the 24th at the "Casa Coloniale" of the Parco Cedro Golf. Also this time the hall was full.


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