Publications by Pier Franco Marcenaro in English

The Path Edition

The Path of Spirituality (A compendium of  the Spiritual Path, 183 pages)
$ 10.00
The Light of Knowledge (20 talks on the experience of Divine Light, 218 pages)
$ 10.00
Drops of Nectar (Questions & Answers on Spirituality, 264 pages) 
$ 10.00
The Divine Light in the Bible (The Path of Celestial Light according to the Bible, 326 pages)
$ 10.00
The School of Spirituality (A brief summary of the Spiritual Path, 45 pages)
$   5.00
Sant and Other Instructors (Characteristics and tasks of a true Master, 44 pages)
$   5.00
The Never Ending Tale  (Life and teachings of the Master of our time, 216 pages)
$ 10.00


Publications by Sant Kirpal Singh in English

The Path Edition

The Dawn of the Third Millennium (20 talks never published in one book, hard cover, 210 pages)
$ 20.00



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