Dear Souls on the Divine Path,

Christmas Time and the Year End is a time for drawing up the balance. And the most important balance, for those who have understood the authentic meaning of existence, is the spiritual one. We had established some goals on the Path back to the Fatherly House: did we achieve them, or realize them at least partly? If we have progressed spiritually, we will notice that our life has become simpler and happier. Instead if we are still full of the usual problems, or we even have new more complicated ones, it means that we are still far from the Goal or that we are even going far away from it.

The Divine Path proposed by the Masters of the highest Order to realize Knowledge and happiness in this very life and then forever in the Beyond, is the highest that our planet has ever known, yet at the same time it is the easiest and most natural. Contrary to the numerous other paths thought up by man, this Path comes directly from God and therefore is perfect and not subject to changes through time: the terms to describe it may change, but not its simple elevated practice.

All of the Scriptures, including the Bible(1), affirm that God, when manifesting, assumes the aspect of Celestial Light and Sound. This Divine Light and Sound emanate from the highest Plane of creation, called Superior Paradise, Sat Lokh, Sach Khand, Hut in the different religious traditions. Christ refers to this Plane of perfect pure Bliss, when he speaks about the House of the Father. Thus, by following this Divine Light and this Vibrating Harmony, that emanate from God Himself, by the means of meditation we can return safely to our Origin, already enjoying at least in part Its inebriation and Knowledge while we are still in this physical world.

Man has tried throughout the ages to create surrogates for the Divine Path, but without success, or only with illusory results. The roads invented by man, which are based on practices of the physical order, the mind or the subtle energy of prana, are far from leading to the Goal, and, at most, they can lead only to the first steps of the long voyage. The wise Ramakrishna said: "All roads lead to God, but they are not yet God"; you must be careful not to be left on the road.

Jesus was born about 2000 years ago, but we must be able to have him be born within us every day: this is the authentic Christmas. Christ said: "If one is not reborn, he cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven." We can have the second birth or birth in Christ, learning to rise above physical consciousness through meditation, and thus entering into the kingdom of heaven while we are still alive: it is not a complicated philosophy or a blind faith, but a simple practical experience.

The Masters of the spirit have affirmed that God, besides being Light and Harmony, is also Love; to go to Him we must also put into practice love for everyone. Someone who says he is in the truth and hurts his brother, or speaks badly of him to gain some personal benefit, simply fools himself and others. Hurting the human heart is the worst of all sins and it is said that God does not forgive it. The great Master Hazur Sawan Singh in the first volume of the book "The Philosophy of the Masters", quoting the words of the mystic Maghrabi Sahib, writes:

"God is never happy with one who wounds the feelings of others; even if he practiced thousands of rituals, austerity, cults and penitences, or if he fasted thousands of times and recited each time thousands of prayers, and if he remembered Him thousands of nights, the Lord would not accept all these things if he hurts the feelings of someone."

Instead always let your words be full of kindness and love, like your thoughts and your actions: only this will bring peace and happiness within you and around you, and the New Year that is nearing will dispense a more and more perfect joy to live.

Diligence in meditation, constant remembrance of the Master and God, love for everyone, including our younger brothers, the animals, and adhesion to the divine principles of life recommended by the Masters and listed on the Diaries consigned to you when you were placed on the Divine Path: if you put all this into practice the best you can, at the end of next year you will realize that you have achieved splendid progress, and you will live in peace with everyone and in the continual joy of feeling truly a participant in the great family of God.

To all of you, together with my loving wishes for a luminous Christmas, I wish a New Year illuminated by the Divine Light and full of the Celestial Harmony of His Word.

Your loving,

Pier Franco Marcenaro

(1) See the Acts of the Apostles 2:2-4



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