Dear Souls on the Path,

Another year is coming to an end and it is time to draw conclusions for this year and the first part of the new millennium.

Looking around, we can easily say that the high-sounding promises and the rosy perspectives that characterized the beginning of the century are far from being realized, instead, we can affirm that the situation appears worsened.

The governments of the major world powers use arms to impose their predominance on other nations. The religious leaders are walled-up behind the dogma of the superiority and the authenticity of their religion only. The big multinationals accumulate more and more profits heedless of the progressive degradation of the planet and in fact obstruct the use of alternative non-polluting energies.

Two thirds of the world population is undernourished and the poor people press with greater and greater insistence at the doors of the richer nations, while their governments spend enormous sums on arms, even atomic ones, making the world arsenal more and more uncontrollable and dangerous, for a long time more than sufficient to cancel all forms of life from the planet.

But during the year in course another reality has become evident: the extreme frailness and vulnerability of the richer nations' financial system, based essentially on speculation, in which the experts affirm, a wave of diffused mistrust would be enough to set off an unstoppable world crisis.

With this picture of general insecurity, that invests every aspect of modern man's life, it is obvious to draw a simple conclusion. Society is formed of men just like a wall is made of bricks. Only men endowed with self-knowledge and inner harmony can give life to a society governed by harmony and peace, just like well constructed solid bricks make a wall strong and secure.

The duty of Man Center, as its name says, is just that of putting man at the center of existence again, and to form physically, intellectually and spiritually complete men, in this order of increasing importance, to give life, with time, to a new, finally happy society. They should change:

- violence with love and comprehension;
- dogmatism and fundamentalism with Spirituality and brotherhood;
- indiscriminate exploitation with respect for Nature;
- individual egoism with altruistic service.

All this should give life, with time, to self sufficient Centers that provide an example of a free happy humanity. In these Centers everyone will work serenely giving their own contribution to the service of the community, which will make use of natural agriculture and sources of renewable non-polluting energy. They will not have profit or speculation in view, but only the service of each one for the benefit of all.

Naturally to be a success and not anticipate things in useless efforts and trials, two indispensable conditions are needed:

1. People who have an elevated inner life, based on regularity in meditation, devotion to the Master and careful practice of his divine teachings.

2. An adequate number of people who can unite their efforts under the guide of the Master, who can gather enough means and give their altruistic work to the realization of these divine projects.

* * *

In these days the celebration of the festivity of Christmas is imminent, which reminds us how Master Power, Christ Power or God Power assumes a human body to instruct humanity on the Path. This Power never dies and works among men in our age also, showing His Luminous Form, with the grace of the Father, in every part of the Earth. Let us place at His Holy Feet our hopes for this difficult age, which only His Light can illuminate, to lighten the Way for our return Home.

My most loving wishes to all of you for a Christmas full of Divine Light and Harmony and for a New Year that sees everyone progress with large steps on the Path of Love, Self-knowledge and God-knowledge.

With all my love, yours affectionately,

Pier Franco Marcenaro



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