Dear Souls on the Path,

With the passing of the years, the tree of Spirituality planted by Man Center has grown more and more luxuriant, full of flowers and fruit. It is due to the inspiration and assignment of my Master that this tree has been planted. It is a completely spiritual inheritance, not made up of riches or honors, but only of service to humanity and love for those who sincerely seek their own soul and God.
Working in the vineyard of one's own Master is the highest and most profitable work that a soul can complete during this earthly sojourn, and all those who have been placed on the Path back to the Father are called to this work of unique importance. Our first task is that of conducting our soul to its full realization and to the realization of God, who is within us: this will bless us with greater and greater peace, bliss and love.

Once the vase of our spirit is filled with Divine Nectar, then we can pour some out also to the others, helping them to set out on the Path that leads them back Home, after eons of exile, pilgrimages and suffering. The spirit that must animate us in this work of regeneration is that of compassion and love, together with complete abandon to Master Power, Christ Power or God Power, which can operate through us as much as we can be pure efficient instruments.

A greater and greater joy in living, together with inner harmony, humbleness and love for all human brothers and the entire creation, is the most tangible sign that we are getting closer to God, Source of universal Joy, Harmony and Love. If by looking at the past we discover we are happier and more in tune to our surroundings, it means we are moving in the right direction. To obtain this splendid precious result, one must water every day the sprout of our soul with the Water of Life and sit down every day at the divine banquet where the Master prepares for all His loved ones the Bread of Life. Nourished by the Divine Light and Harmony, our soul will grow pure and strong, happily overcoming the inevitable difficulties with which human existence is plagued, until it anchors in the safe Port where complete serene peace and bliss reign.

The difficulties that we still encounter in our daily life are simply the result of what we are inside. If we realized our inner perfection, everything that concerns us would line up with it and we would walk happily in this very life hand in hand with the Master toward ever more luminous horizons. Together with daily meditation, the Meetings with our brothers on the Path and the remembrance of the Master and God, we must have continual self-analysis which lets us become conscious of our limits and overcome them. When we have realized the kingdom of God that is within us, then every other thing will be given to us in addition (Christ). The Masters of the Spirit of the highest Order do not want to create ascetics, but complete men, who realize themselves and God while they carry out their own duties in daily life. They believe in the achievement of Knowledge and Joy in this very existence, as a prelude to the Contemplation of God and the Supreme Bliss which will never end when we are lead by the Master himself in the House of the Father.

In this period humanity adds up the entire year, and discovers itself in the middle of a situation which is anything but favorable, and from which it does not seem to find the means to get out rapidly. All of this is simply due to the fact that the world society grew up with an almost complete lack of authentic values. The economy has been based on man taking advantage of man or on a few privileged ones out of the great masses; for a long time the religions have no longer been able to fulfill their principle goal, that is, to give humanity sure answers to its eternal spiritual query; art, politics and science have been notably moved by thirst for money and power, rather than, as they should have been, by service to man. In this almost total social obscurity, Man Center proposes first of all the formation of a New Man, conscious of his own soul and God, who could be able to give life to Centers based on Spirituality, service and love, and to have success where ignorance, speculation and egoism have completely failed. Man service, Earth service, God service is its motto, more than ever current, to realize the creation of a new world and a new truly happy humanity.

With my most loving Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of Harmony and Divine Light,

Yours affectionately,

Pier Franco Marcenaro



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