The Word became man, so we could become God.
(St. Dionysius, Incarnation, 54

Dear Souls on the Divine Path,

When a farmer plants a little tree in his field, his greatest joy and that of those who work with him is to see it grow strong and robust and put out green leaves, pleasantly colored flowers and abundant tasty fruit.
In the same way, with the grace of my Master and God, the Tree of Spirituality has been planted in the West, which continues to grow beyond all expectations and give refreshment, joy and nutrients to those who safely take refuge under the shade of its refreshing branches.

The human spirit has the Essence of the divine spark in itself and lives in this earthly sojourn in the marvelous habitat of the body
that God and Nature lent him for a certain number of years. To have a human body, the most elevated being of physical creation, is a golden opportunity for acquiring consciousness of your native divinity, and reunite with the Father who awaits you like prodigious children after a long exile. He awaits you with impatience to celebrate with you your return to the Garden of Eden.

After opening up the Path, the Master accompanies you on it by hand step by step. You only have to be receptive to His Light and to His divine Call. Otherwise littered with weeds and rocks, the Way becomes smooth and pleasant with Him. You can rest assured that He is constantly by your side and that He supports you in any difficulty: this is why having a Master is the
St. Dionysius, Incarnation, 54 greatest blessing that one can receive in this earthly existence.

Just like the farmer who cares for and waters the little trees he planted, also we must give the Water of Life every day to the little tree of our soul, so it can grow strong and robust. Meditation on the two Divine Principles of Celestial Light and Harmony puts the human soul in communication with God, who is within him and in the entire cosmos. This Water is the very life of our soul and without it the Tree of Spirituality dries up and dies. Also the Meetings with the other brothers on the Path will assure your soul love and sure progress under the protection of the Master.

Man Center has as its motto Man service, land service, God service. The abode of our soul, the human body, gets its sustainment from mother earth. In this age of general insecurity, even the return to respect for and re-evaluation of the earth has become a primary necessity, which forms part of the natural development of the Center. By serving the earth, we also serve our brother men and our celestial Father. Also Nanak, the famous Master from India, after travelling far and wide, retreated with his family to Kartarpur, in Punjab, where he made the produce of the land his sustainment and that of the Community of his disciples (Sikhs).

In this period of the year one remembers in particular that the Master, the Word, becomes flesh to give back to all men who put into practice his Teachings their condition of authentic Children of God. The Master comes to this earthly exile and assumes man’s condition to be able to lead Home his beloved disciples who are otherwise without a guide and help. To all of you I wish a Christmas rich in this thought of gratitude toward the divine grace and mercy of the Master, and a New Year which finds you all busy hurrying along the Way that leads back to the Paternal Home, inspiring by your example also other dear Souls to come on the Holy Path of authentic happiness.
With all my love, yours affectionately,


Pier Franco Marcenaro



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