Dear Beloved Ones,

Long ago in 1974 Man Center began its activity, inheriting a spiritual experience of the highest order transmitted from Master to Master from the beginning of time, and distributing it now as hard currency through the School of Spirituality to all the sincere seekers of the Truth. Three years later it was officially incorporated with the collaboration of a handful of people who sincerely wanted to make Spirituality sprout in the West, which for centuries has been a prisoner of a materialistic culture lacking authentic spiritual values.

When the seed of an oak is planted, sprouts and grows, it makes no noise, and in the end produces a mighty oak. Silently, Man Center, with the grace of my Master and God, from that first nucleus long ago, extended its branches loaded with fruit to numerous Italian cities and to different foreign countries.

Another year is coming to an end and 2012 will see the celebration of the 35th year of the foundation of Man Center. A particular year is in the preparation, in which each of its adherents is called upon to become a special example of dedicated care in the practice of the divine teachings as one’s style of living, so the tree of Spirituality can continue growing flourishingly in each one of us and in the entire world.

These first 35 years have placed a milestone in the history of the Spirit, because they have seen the axis of Spirituality move to the West like it was in the time of the Ancient Fathers; and its cradle has returned to the shores of the Mediterranean, consecrated by the presence of Christ, the Apostles and their first devotees. In these last years the Monastery of Sargiano has been a beacon that has attracted thousands of seekers from all over the world and the School of Spirituality has grown so much that its great walls have become small. This is more encouragement to continue upon the Master Path that has given peace, joy and consolation to many souls seeking authentic eternal happiness, insuring them safe direction in this epoch when many people are misdirected toward false idols and illusory goals.

Christmas time and the coming of the New Year is always a moment for reflection on the coming of Christ as man’s Saviour, and on how much we have been able to put into practice the divine teachings of our Master.

Every Master of the Spirit that appears on the earth abandons the eternal regions and comes to this world full of contrasts and suffering to redeem with his love those who are ready to follow him in the footsteps of Harmony and Light. During Christmas time and the New Year the practice of meditation on the Divine Light and the Divine Word must be our daily bread: it feeds our spirit with the Bread of Life and assures us daily rebirth in the eternal Christ Power, God Power and Master Power.

I wish you a Christmas and a New Year full of Divine Light and Harmony dispensed by the Master.

With love, yours affectionately,


Pier Franco Marcenaro



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