Dear Souls on the Divine Path,

Once again another year comes to an end and it is time for balances. Companies and nations are busy compiling financial statements for their activities; but the soul on the Path must

make much more important accounts, even though they are less conspicuous: the account of their spiritual progress.
They know there are perishable and non-perishable goods in this world.

The former accompany us only for a short time in this provisory earthly abode, whereas the non-perishable goods remain with us forever and sustain the life of our spirit, both here and in the Beyond, where we must go after this brief earthly sojourn.

You can be sure that the Master Power, Christ Power or God Power is always with you to uphold and help you: you must only become fully aware of it. If you realize the goods of the spirit and keep in contact with the Divine Word that is within you, all other things will be given to you in addition.

If something around us does not seem to be going according to our wishes, it only means we must try more to put order within; we can do this only by fol-lowing the com-mandments, to our best ability, that our Master gave us. Regularity in meditation must be our primary objective, because meditation on the Divine Light and Sound constitutes the Bread and Water that nourishes our spirit. Naturally, to this we must add the style of life that the great Master of Spirituality and life, Kirpal Singh, summed up very well in the Daily Diary of spiritual progress.

It is a moment when many nations of our planet, including the more prosperous ones, complain of serious difficulties. There is individual karma and there is also national karma. All of their difficulties are simply due to the fact that their citizens – and the governments that are their expression – have not operated in a correct providential way and therefore they are simply gathering what they have sown. It is to this uncertain picture that Man Center can bring to the world a new example of life, no more based on egotism but on service, no longer on hate and conflict but on love and understanding, no longer on the interest of a few but on the welfare of the entire community.

We live in a time when God has been forgotten by everyone and substituted by the idols of money, power, false success and the lie that obscures the Ultimate Truth. The blind end up leading the blind over the cliff. Only by opening our spirit’s eye and keeping it wide open, can the Path to follow toward Truth, Happiness and true Life be opened, illuminated and followed. This Light keeps alive in front of us a luminous ray, not of hope, but of certainty for a brighter and more secure future.

In this period we remember the birth of Christ, who came to bring the Light to the world, but darkness did not receive it. To those who embrace the Master and practice his teachings is given the power to become God’s conscious children.

Maintain always luminous and high the torch of your Light, so it is an example for those who seek everlasting peace and happiness. If your Christmas and New Year are constantly illuminated by this Light, then you will also be cornerstones for the construction of a New World where the sun never sets and ignorance and suffering will be banned forever.

With love and the warmest best wishes to all of you,

Yours affectionately,



Pier Franco Marcenaro



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