Dear Souls on the Divine Path,

The Masters have always given humanity a double lesson: a moral and social message for its ethical betterment and to favor peace and harmony among men; and a spiritual esoteric message, for those who are ready to realize knowledge of their spirit and God.

The crowds hurried to hear the admirable talks of Jesus, and Christ addressed his parables to them to call them to a truer and higher life. But he made an announcement only to the Apostles and a few other faithful ones about the coming of the Comforter, the Divine Spirit, who would teach them all that which concerns Spiritual Knowledge.

And after his resurrection, while they were gathered at the Cenacle, he made the Holy Ghost descend upon them in the form of a ponderous Sound of Wind and Tongues of Fire that rested on their heads. And they were all filled with the Spirit of God, which gave them the highest Knowledge. (Acts of the Apostles 2:1-4) Then Peter continued to impart this sublime experience to those who listened to his Word and sought to practice it.

Thus a new epoch began, which for several centuries, through the Ancient Fathers of Christianity, would keep the Science of Spirituality alive on the shores of the Mediterranean. The Holy Ghost, God Power into expression, called in the various religions Naam, Logos, Kalma, Udgit, has one, in the silence of his spirit, listen to a New Song, that only a few chosen souls can hear, and illuminates the human spirit with a Divine Light, that only a few fortunate ones can contemplate.

Ethical parables are for the crowds, the Divine Spirit for a chosen few. It has been like this through the centuries, and it is still like this today. Those who go to the temples of the different religions (today one cannot talk about the crowds of old times, but about believers reduced by now to a minority by the action of science and materialism), continue to listen to sermons and parables, which are unable, even if animated by the best of intentions, to really change man and therefore change the world.

In the meanwhile, a limited but ever-growing number of fortunate chosen people have received the inner spiritual teachings of the living Master of our time, in the form of Celestial Light and Sound, just like the Apostles and the disciples of the great Masters of the past. These chosen souls practice the Way of Spirituality, also called in our age Universal Meditation, able to transform man through Knowledge and to form, in time, a wiser happier human society.

One could say that the dawn of this new era began with the appearance on the Mediterranean shores of Christ who the Bible defines as the Alfa and the Omega (the first and the last). Like every year at this time Christmas is celebrated, which is the coming to the world of the Word made flesh, the Bearer of the Word of God among men.

It is not a coincidence that the sacred Anniversary of his birth is celebrated together with the Year’s End, a moment when one tries to sum up how much he has been able to achieve during the whole year. In fact, the Master comes to invite us to have a higher commitment to reach the longed for Goal of the union of our spirit with God and to judge for ourselves how much nearer to it we are, or unfortunately, how much farther. The Introspective Diary can tell us for sure about our spiritual progress, if we keep it every day with sincerity and regularity, like a weapon that helps us to be winners in the continual confrontation with our daily duties.

To all of you I give my most beloved good wishes for a luminous Christmas and a New Year that will be a testimonial of constant happy progress on the radiant Path of Celestial Light and Sound.

With love,  Yours affectionately,



Pier Franco Marcenaro



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