Dear Souls on the Divine Path,

A New Year is at the door and leaves behind the Old Year, with its difficulties and its realizations. Man always makes new inventions and discoveries that, if correctly applied, can contribute to his wellbeing. Unfortunately, though, not having yet known the divine spirit that is in him and being immersed in the most profound spiritual darkness, all his realizations end up being put at the service of illusion and ignorance, in which today the great mass of people flounder, unfortunately.

Only Knowledge of oneself and God, imparted from time to time by the Masters of the Spirit, the dispensers of the Divine Word on earth, can bring a live ray of hope to the otherwise obscure and desolate panorama of the world. Saint Paul, in referring to the Divine Light reawakened by Christ in the Apostles and the disciples of his time, wrote: “You were once darkness, but now you are Light in the Lord. Live therefore as Children of Light.”

The Master is the Bearer of this Light. He is the light itself that illuminates men. Thus we must carefully analyse whether, in the year that is ending, we have been able to behave as Children of Light and thus Children of the Master.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola called for his disciples to analyse their deeds twice a day, at midday and at night. Sant Kirpal Singh, today considered one of the highest Masters of Spirituality and life of all time, in regards to this made a marvelous spiritual invention: he introduced among the seekers of themselves and God the keeping of the Daily Diary, which is a practical registration of one’s spiritual progress. Every evening the disciple can easily analyse his behaviour during the day.

Living every day in agreement with the Master’s commandments, means living the whole year happily. But the day is not an indivisible unit: it is composed of many brief moments that are to be lived wisely, so that every sunset embraces us spiritually further ahead than we were at dawn, so we can be more and more happy and free. Keeping the Diary must not end with the simple evening registration: we should always have it in front of us, every moment of the day, with all its entries, like a continual invitation to always be authentic Children of Light. Many moments lived wisely create a luminous day and many luminous days generate altogether a splendid year.

“The Eternal is my Shepard, I need nothing,” the Bible says. As long as we stay in the safe fold of the Master, we can be sure that no calamity can reach us and even if it happens the Shepard removes it from us as fast as possible. Difficulties arrive when we forget about Him, and when, like Little Red Riding Hood did in the famous fable, we distractedly waste our time along the Path and become prey of the predatory wolves that attack our senses and mind.

May all your resolutions to make the New Year one of intense spiritual progress with meditation and in your ethical life become a full realization, so it will be a truly luminous and happy year. Christ, whose Christmas we celebrate in this period, is indicated by millions of Christians as the God-Man, the perfect individual to imitate every moment of your life, and the arrival of his Christmas fills the homes and streets with light. In the far away East Nanak, the highest Guide of India, affirmed that the Master is the bearer of Light, that crushes the darkness of ignorance.

May the Divine Light shine fully in you in these days for a luminous Christmas and may it continue to shine for the entire New Year and after, so that you can always be true Children of Light, of the Master and God.

With love, affectionately

Pier Franco Marcenaro



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