Easter 2016



It is Easter Time, in which the Resurrection of Christ is remembered. It must therefore be a time of resurrection in the spirit for everyone who is on the Divine Path back to the Father's House or is earnestly seeking the “Narrow Way” that leads to perfection, to liberation from all pain, and to the bliss that has no end nor opposites.

Human beings are so absorbed in their interest for the transitory goods of the material world, that they have forgotten their own spirit, which lies ignored and apparently dead in the tomb of the body. The great Masters therefore come from time to time to awaken the souls from their long death-like sleep, opening their inner eye and ear to contemplate the Divine Light and to enjoy the all-pervading Celestial Harmony.

This is the second birth of which Christ speaks, because “unless one is born again one cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.” 

The Master therefore invites us to resurrect every day from the prison of the senses and the mind, and to rise up to the glory and bliss of the spiritual world, thus realizing every day our Easter of Resurrection. 

“May you all be one” Christ further recommended. One who can dominate himself and be reborn to a new life, following the holy teachings of the Master, is a true Christian, a true Buddhist, a true Muslim, or an authentic follower of the original principles that have been at the base of all the main religions, whose Masters have indicated to human beings the Way of Knowledge, Peace and Love.

On this solemn recurrence, may you all receive my most loving and fervid Best Wishes.

Pier Franco Marcenaro



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