by Serena Ruggiero, Massa, Italy, June 2015

At the end of the month of May, for two consecutive nights Master Pier Franco Marcenaro appeared to me. It is the Master who manifests with a blinding flash and then very slowly the image becomes more and more clear and in focus: it is Him, his face, his radiant celestial eyes and He communicates with me smiling. The second night, just like the first…

The third day, on the beach, together with my two children, He appears not far from me… with clothes of a radiant white light. Then I discern his aspect of a man all dressed in white with a long white tunic, showing only his pink hands like those of a child and his feet. And He walked on the water of the sea, coming toward me smiling and his whole Being was immersed in immense harmony and peace.

Then, one afternoon at my mother’s house, my first son was sleeping as usual, and I went shortly after to him. Lying down, I stop to look at his face, and on it a radiant light and then very slowly the face, the radiant celestial eyes appear and then it smiles. I recognize Him; He is the Master.




By Gloria C. Moroni - Parma, Italy

“O Lord, how majestic is Your Name in all the earth!”  (Psalms 8:1)

“I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart and I will announce all Your wonders!”  (Psalms 9:2)

In 1984 I worked as an accountant in a small firm, where a type of manual accounting was still in use. This allowed me, during my work, to pray to the Lord for dear ones and for other aims.

That year in May, suddenly, in the center of my inner vision, the image of an unknown Gentleman appeared. With a serious look, he mentally, without speaking, dictated to me two addresses, one in Lucca,(1) with the street and number, and one in Torre del Lago.(2) 
Surprised I asked myself who this unknown person was and why he appeared in my inner vision. His image persisted and finally the two addresses appeared written below. I could not explain this to myself, nor did I try to find any confirmation, because the events of my life distracted me from this particular event, which became just a memory.
In October 2004 I happened to notice a poster inviting all those interested to a conference on “The Experience of the Spirit in Our Time”. Being interested and having the time, I went to the place indicated. When the speaker, Master Pier Franco Marcenaro, arrived on the stage, I saw him and I immediately recognized that he was the unknown Gentleman who had appeared in my spiritual vision twenty years earlier. It was truly a wonderful surprise.
I then attended the Course that was offered at the conference. When Pier Franco Marcenaro came the first time to give a lesson at the Course for initiation into meditation, I had the opportunity to be near him and asked this question, “How did you recognize Your Master?” He answered me, “I was called. My Master had chosen me.” In that instant I realised that the same thing had happened to me, “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and I have appointed you to go and bear fruit - fruit that is everlasting.” (John 15:16)  It was an inevitable rendezvous. Then I asked the Lord, my God, to give me the necessary help to meet this new experience that had been presented to me. 

I have only to thank the Lord because He is good and because His Mercy is eternal.

1 The Headquarters of Man Center in Italy then.
2 Still the residence of the Master in Italy.




By Francesca T. Fontanili - Carrara, Italy

Reading the story by Gloria “How the Master Appeared to Me 20 Years Earlier” was a particular emotion for me because I also had a similar experience. In fact I had the Grace of seeing Master Pier Franco Marcenaro, before meeting Him physically, when I was not yet initiated into the Path. Still today I ask myself continuously how I deserved so much, but then I come back to my senses immediately and I am aware that it is only because of His Grace.

Several months before meeting the Master physically, I attended with much interest a yoga course, where we did some “guided meditation”. During one of these “meditations”, I had the grace of seeing Father Pio,(1) who accompanied me up the first steps of a stairway that disappeared into the sky. During that period I was very devoted to Father Pio.
This introduction is important because when the yoga teacher told us to visualize a person during a “meditation”, I spontaneously searched for Padre Pio, who appeared immediately, but disappeared just as rapidly. So I tried to concentrate more and he came back, but immediately went away. After several trials, I realized that he was not the one that I should see and so I abandoned myself, waiting…
At this point, I saw a person far away from the back, wrapped in a cape. The man hid himself with the hood of the cape as if he did not want to be recognized. I looked at him with insistence, so He turned around and smiled at me. He had two immense joyous eyes that I would have loved so much thereafter, and he smiled at me. But I did not know Him then and I was timid in front of Him.
So, when He took me by my hand, I went, but I initially followed Him with hesitation, even if I knew that He was certainly the one who was to accompany me up that mountain path.
The path was not very difficult, there were few obstacles and I followed diligently my Companion, who hid Himself again in the cape in the meanwhile. While we ascended, I became more and more assured by Him, I trusted Him and I loved Him. So when we reached the top, in front of a big gate in delicately worked wrought iron, and He, my Master, gave me the key to open it, we entered and I had no more doubts. I never wanted to turn back. From up there one could admire a very beautiful panorama, chains of mountains covered in snow that gleamed in the sun, and I was so happy with my travel Companion, my Master! So I stayed up there… Him and I together forever!

1 A famous Italian mystic from the twentieth century.



By Rosabel Ascanio - Santa Marta, Colombia

Three months before Master Pier Franco Marcenaro came to Santa Marta, Colombia, in 2007, I had a particular experience while I was meditating.

I saw myself in a place where all humanity was running toward the same point. There were airplanes that sent colored lights into space that seemed like fireworks, and on the ground there were just as many marvelous multi-colored lights, that led all to one place.
I asked a man: “Why is everyone running toward that place?” He answered that a Master had arrived, and so I too went toward the place where everyone was heading, to meet the Master, so I could see Him.
Then one day, when I was in Santa Marta, I saw some poster ads with the photo of the Master Pier Franco Marcenaro which informed about his next conference. So I called a friend and told her that the Master from my experience had arrived in Santa Marta.
From that moment on, my friend and I have been meditating with the Master Pier Franco Marcenaro.



seven years before meeting Him

By Cesare Camborsano - Ceriale, Italy

I began to attend a center where we met weekly to practice Reiki and also to meditate. In 1996, one evening at the Reiki center a proposal was made for meditation connected to a meeting with someone’s personal Master (at that time I knew absolutely nothing about Man Center and the Master Pier Franco Marcenaro). I remember during the meditation I realized to be in a big city on the roof of a very high building, almost touching the sky, with a beautiful hanging garden, with many beds, full of plants and various colored  flowers, very orderly, all in  perfect  harmony, that inspired peace and beauty.
I was sitting on a bench in that splendid garden and waiting with tranquillity, feeling bliss in that atmosphere of paradise. After some time I saw a distinct person, well-dressed in all white clothes, approaching; as he came closer I could see more distinctly his face with a beard, but I did not know who he was. When this Master was close to me he sat down with me on the bench and with a big smile he gave me a package containing a gift, accurately wrapped in gold paper with lovely ribbon. This was my gift but I did not know what it held. The meditation ended leaving me a sense of complete inner well-being.
I continued practicing Reiki for years, and I learned and experimented also with many other techniques, from shamanism to rebirthing and more. I was searching continually… Finally in 2003 in a city where I was attending a course for professional perfection, I saw some posters promoting a conference about Spirituality and on each one there was a very visible face which immediately brought out inspiration and trust in me and I seemed to have always known him. Then I knew I had to go to that conference and listen to what that person had to say, who had given rise to such important sensations in me.
During the conference everything I was really looking for was said and I immediately decided to participate in the preparatory course for meditation. Once I finished the course, my application was accepted and so I was initiated into the Path of Spirituality on the day of Pentecost in 2003.
During a next summer Meeting at Sargiano, after meditation I opened my eyes and saw the Master when He was about to give His talk: He was dressed in an all white suit. “That’s who He was!” I exclaimed within, in a flash that took me to the meditation of a few years earlier, when that unknown Master had given me a package containing a gift. Now I finally recognized Who my Master was, Whom I saw seven years earlier… It was really Him: Master Pier Franco Marcenaro.
This filled me with joy and I understood from the bottom of my soul that I had truly found what I was looking for; in fact, since then, I have never searched for anything else. Even more I understood what that precious gift was in the golden package given to me in that magnificent garden. It was the gift of the Divine Word, the Holy Naam, the Spiritual Path. Finally I found the marvelous Path to tread, that from time immemorial, even if unconsciously, I was searching for.
Thank you Beloved Master.




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